15 Finest Foods for a Flat Tummy



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Consume your way to a flatter stomach

by Kathleen Mulpeter

When you are making an attempt to slender down your tummy, core physical exercises and ab workouts go a very long way—but what you eat also plays a big function. In addition to ingesting ample h2o, taking in new create and healthful fat, and averting infamous stomach-busters (think liquor, soda, and sugar), sure meals are notably excellent for shrinking your gut.

“If you want your ab muscles to really feel flatter, pick out meals that will enable minimize bloating in your tummy, these as h2o-packed fruits and veggies,” suggests Keri Gans, RD, a New York Town-based diet advisor and creator of The Small Improve Food plan.

These 15 meals will enable retain your waistline slender by lowering bloat, boosting rate of metabolism, and giving your system critical vitamins and minerals that motivate body weight reduction.

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