Home Remedies for Toothache, and Tooth Infection


Home Remedies for Toothache, and Tooth Infection.


How many millions of people have suffered toothache throughout history? It is said that some important historical figures such as King Louis XVI, Queen Elizabeth I or George Washington had to make important decisions under terrible discomfort.

This disease has been so common that it is known that the Persians, in ancient times, invented a method to fill the gaps caused by cavities. For centuries, they were barbers who were responsible for solving this factor, in a ritual they called “teeth whitening”.

As you can deduce, worry and fear generated by this pain to humans throughout the centuries has sponsored the emergence of a series of natural therapies to help relieve it. Clearly, today there are drugs and more effective treatments, however, it never hurts to know some of them if we stormed, suddenly, these discomforts.

Garlic and vinegar 1. If the person know exactly what damaged tooth pain sufferer must, must apply a garlic that has been soaked in vinegar 8-10 hours for about and leave it about 60 minutes. That will cause discomfort subside.

2. Nails: These fruits have an infinite number of medicinal properties and are used to alleviate the effects of various diseases, including toothache. The nail has the ability to reduce swelling and, therefore, the pain of the affected area. It should be applied directly on the wheel and leave it there about 45 minutes.

3. Blueberry leaves: To develop this natural remedy should be boiled in a pot about one liter of water. When you start to “drop bubbles” have been added bilberry leaves and let stand until at room temperature.

Flushed with the liquid two or three times a day will help relieve discomfort, as it has a purifying and anesthetic effect. However, it is not advisable to put it in the refrigerator or heating before use, as this could lead to severe pain in the affected area, which of course is very sensitive.

4. Rinse with lemon juice: Lemon is a citrus fruit with great power to prevent infections occur in the gums. Flushed with their juice once or twice a day will help remove bacteria from the mouth.

5. Elderberry: This remedy passes make an infusion of elderberry sheet. When you’re done and at room temperature, it should be mixed with one-third cup of wine and add salt; and with the result, rinsed one to twice a day. Because it contains alcohol, it is not recommended for children.

6. Parsley: Parsley properties are extraordinary. Moreover, it is considered one of the most effective natural remedies. A parsley leaf chewing for a few minutes will help eliminate bacteria from the infected area, as well as lightly anesthetize, which will result in a decrease in pain.

7. Milk fig: This delicious fruit is very common in Spain and fig trees can be found in almost all its territory. Well, soaking a cotton with milk and placing it on the affected wheel will check how inflammation is reduced and therefore pain.

8. Green Tea: This is one of the natural remedies more employees and passes through the wheel placed in a bag of wet green tea and hold it for about half an hour. It will serve as anesthetic and also help alleviate bad breath caused by oral infections.

9. Onion: This food helps to reduce pain and to reduce the tension of the affected area. You must place a slice in the grinding and pressing lightly with your finger or with the teeth, extract their juice. That will provide some relief.

10. Melisa: The infusion of the leaves of this plant has a considerable relaxing effect, so make it rinses between 2 or 3 times a day will help us to have less pain and a greater sense of well-being.


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