Home Remedy for Acne

Home Remedy for Acne.


What helps with acne?

One of the most common skin problems is acne.

Young people in particular suffer from this skin reaction to a hormonal change during the main growth phase. Just at this time they take the habits of adults, such as alcohol drinking and smoking, at. However, alcohol, nicotine, sweets, spicy foods, coffee and other caffeinated beverages promote acne pimples. Care should be eliminated first.

Caution: Do not squeeze acne pimples! In infections can be fatal! In addition, scars may form.
In severe forms of acne, you should go to the doctor!

The following home remedies have been proven in acne, pimples and blackheads:

1. Home Remedies

Halve an onion and rub with half the onion or with the juice from the impure skin.

2. Home remedies

Dab several times a day the affected areas with Propolis drops or tea tree oil.

3. Home remedies

Prepare a facial steam consisting of:
20g of chamomile flowers, rosemary leaves 20g, 20g lavender flowers, 20g Arnicabl├╝ten, 20g walnut leaves

Mix everything and cook 1-2 teaspoons in 1 liter of water. Hold for 10-15 minutes. the face on the steam. Then the face dab with witch hazel and clean.

4. home remedy

Counter acne also helps Brennesseltee. Nettle is the best blood purifier and simultaneously hematopoietic medicinal plant.
Tea infusion: 1 heaped tsp nettle leaves to 1/4 liter of water, leave only brew and stand briefly.
Drink a liter thereof daily sips distributed throughout the day.

5. Home remedies.

Horseradish – vinegar mask
Fill grated horseradish in a crafty plastic bottle with perforated lid. About Pour the horseradish with wine – or fruit vinegar (eg apple cider vinegar ), the vinegar must cover the horseradish, this approach let stand for 10 days at room temperature. The horseradish takes the sharpness of vinegar, the vinegar, the so a vinegar produced by horseradish, which is compatible for every face.
The resulting essence is morning and evening on wet face and has 10 min. act.

6. home remedies.

papaya mask
Counter acne pimples, blackheads and impure skin helps the exotic papaya. For the mask you will need:
1 papaya, 2 – 3 tablespoons cream
Peel the papaya, remove the seeds and crush the fruit to a pulp. Mix now the cream underneath.The mixture, apply a compress on, place it on the affected area and leave the mask for 30 minutes. act.

7. home remedies.

Healing clay – mask
One of the oldest home remedy for acne is the healing earth, which you can buy at the pharmacy or health food store. For the mask, mix 3 tablespoons healing clay with warm water to a thick paste. This wear on the face, the eye area is spared. Leave the mask for 20 minutes. act and then wash the dried earth with warm water. Creams then a your face with an herbal moisturizer.

8. home remedies.

Quark – egg – mask
Mix 100 g Quark with an egg and carry this on to the face. After 15 minutes, then wash off the mask with warm water. Finally, carry on the face on a moisturizer (preferably vegetable).

9 home remedies.

Pansies cleanses the skin with eczema and persistent acne, Horsetail promotes wound healing, Iceland moss soothes irritations, Eyebright has a soothing effect.
Mix these herbs as follows:
20g pansy, 10g Ackerschachtelhalmkraut, 10g Icelandic moss and 20g eyebright.
2 teaspoons of this mixture you pour over 1/2 liter of water and leave it for 10 minutes. pull. Drink a cup 3 times a day thereof over a prolonged period.

10 home remedies.

Oak bark wash
Washings with oak bark are anti-inflammatory. You will need
3 tablespoons oak bark and 1 liter of water
Bring the water to a boil, put the oak bark and 30 min. Cook. Then strain and give the brew in the wash water or in a full bath. This Sud is also suitable for envelopes that you hang up hot to the affected area.

11 home remedies.

An old and proven home remedy for acne is the following solution to the wash and care:
20g lavender flowers, 10 g arnica flower, 3/4 l apple vinegar

Mix the herbs with the apple cider vinegar and let this mixture for 2 weeks stand in the sun in a well-sealed bottle, shaking frequently. Filter. The solution with a screen and enter this herbal juice to the wash water to dab or directly the Aknestellen with a cotton wool swab soaked

12 home remedies.

Olive oil acts as a disinfectant and anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial lavender oil. Mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil with 5 drops of lavender oil and dab several times a day the affected Aknestellen.

Recovery Tips:

Besides the use of natural home remedies for acne can be your emotional well-being and the health of your skin still increase if you mainly feed on basic foods, plenty of exercise in the fresh air, at least. Drink 2 liters of still water a day and for a sufficient sleep care. Your diet should supplement daily with 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil or flaxseed because linseed contains omega-3 fatty acids that fight inflammation of the skin and increase its elasticity and moisture.
Tip: Mix 1 tablespoon of flax oil (linseed or crushed) with cottage cheese and add seasonal variety fruits to. This not only tastes delicious but is the purest health Bomb!

Home remedies acne

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