How to Eliminate Stress

How to Eliminate Stress

How to eliminate stress: Stress combines an emotional and physical condition that develops in much of the population. It is due to several factors occurring in a period of stress, personal or situations workplace, anxiety and traumatic circumstances that may have lived through time. Stress can occur in isolation, temporary or recurring and elongated shape, it depends largely on the sufferer.

The consequences of stress may not only affect the mood of a person, you can also harm the overall health. Similarly, you can generate injury that reduce the quality of life as dry skin, headaches and nervous tic, among many other consequences of stress. In extreme cases it may be obesity or overweight, depression, hair loss, acne, reduced sexual desire, among other conditions.

                    how to eliminate stress

Home remedies for stress.

Fortunately there are home remedies for stress that can help combat and to enhance adaptive capacity is lived day by day, reducing anxiety levels that are causes of stress………..”how to eliminate stress

Infusion of basil.

Basil leaves contain substances called adaptogens that help the body to have an extra, both physical and mental, providing protection against stress performance. Its soothing and sedative properties make it the best partner to relax all kinds of tension; and their preparation requires the following:

5 grams of basil leaf.
1 cup water.


You must first put the fire water and when it starts to boil five grams of basil leaves are incorporated. Boil for about three minutes and then remove from the heat, now you must stand for at least eight minutes. When warm infusion is strained to remove the remains of the plant and swallowed without any problem. To see the effects in a short time, it is recommended to take two or three cups a day (morning, afternoon and evening).

Infusion of bitter orange.

Thanks to its antispasmodic and calming action, bitter orange leaf helps to release tension from work and fight stress. In addition to helping relieve muscle tension, decreases the production of digestive gases. To prepare a natural infusion of this herb is required of the following ingredients:

1 cup water.
2 leaves of bitter orange.


For the properties of bitter orange can be maximized, you need to put to heat water in a container. When it begins to boil off and placed in a cup which has been previously set up the doors, let it rest for about 10 minutes when the tea is ready, it is taken. For fast effect it is necessary to drink up to three cups a day, one after each meal.

Infusion of lemon balm.

The plant contains lemon balm soothing properties that helps eliminate stress in a short time, it is beneficial to combat a nervous state and to control high blood pressure. To relieve symptoms caused by the various situations of life, you need to get the following ingredients:

A cup of water.
A tablespoon of lemon balm.


It gets the water to be heated in a container and when it starts to boil tablespoon lemon balm is added, trying to maintain the boil and simmer for 15 minutes at least. Then infusion allowed to stand for ten minutes, when ready strained to remove debris from the plant and taken. What idea is to drink four cups a day, any time, to notice its effect.

Infusion of meadowsweet.

Meadowsweet plant is recommended as another powerful natural treatment, used to soothe away stress, has analgesic and antispasmodic properties that relieve physical fatigue ingredient. To be benefited from this plant requires a home infusion with the following ingredients:

A cup of water.
Two teaspoons of flowers of meadowsweet.


In a cup pour boiling water with two teaspoons of meadowsweet, covered the preparation is left to stand for about 10 minutes. Then the remedy is strained to remove the remaining plant and outlet when warm. It can be taken up to three cups a day so that the effects are seen in a short time.


To combat stress requires a consistent exercise plan to release anxiety and reduce the appearance of symptoms.
You can opt for relaxation methods like yoga who helps the feeling of wellbeing.

Avoid eating processed foods and beverages carbonates, this can help not alter the mood of the person.
We should not pay much importance to stressful circumstances to avoid shocks. And it is advisable to perform tasks, such as crafts or playing sports, so that our mind can focus on other circumstances……   “how to eliminate stress

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