How to Reduce Sweating Home Remedies

How to Reduce Sweating Home Remedies.

How to reduce sweating : Sweating is a natural process in which the body is taking care to remove toxins and compounds that have accumulated on the inside of the body, plus of course freshen up.

Now, when you sweat excessively most people tend to feel uncomfortable because it is not a condition type well regarded socially. In medical terms this condition is known as hyperhidrosis, usually is associated with problems of the nervous system, thyroid or low blood sugar.

Natural remedies to stop excessive sweating.


These remedies are herbal and all natural, helping your body to remain dry, excessive sweating usually causing problems from aesthetic to physicists.


It is a very powerful source of vitamin B and magnesium, so it is a natural antiperspirant with which we are going to get a grip on the accelerated functioning sweat glands.

To use’ll prepare an infusion of sage with five tablespoons of dried plant in two liters of hot water. It takes between two to three cups per day.

Thyme, apple cider vinegar and rosemary.

Another alternative to stop excessive sweating is that we prepare ourselves for a natural deodorant and frenemos this condition without the natural pH of the body is altered…………………..”how to reduce sweating 

This deodorant in particular acts directly on the sweat glands that cause, so it is very effective. You need:

– A teaspoon of rosemary.
– One tablespoon of thyme.
– A cup of water.
– Half a cup of apple cider vinegar.

Regarding the preparation these are the steps:

– Place a tablespoon of rosemary and thyme another in a cup with water.
– Boil the water for about 15 minutes.
– As cold is going to strain and mix with half cup of vinegar.
– Apply the liquid on that more unsub using a clean cotton or gauze.

Walnut leaves.

It has antiseptic and astringent properties which are responsible for regulating sweat and excess perspiration. If you have problems with underarm it is highly recommended.

You just have to boil two tablespoons of walnut leaf in half liter of water. After the decoction you should strain. Let sit and dip a cloth to apply in areas desired…………….”how to reduce sweating 

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