Man Overcomes Diabetes Without Medicine!

Man Overcomes Diabetes Without Medicine!

In 2011, a man was identified as having high blood pressure and diabetes. The use of insulin and high blood pressure pills was inevitable, as a result.

However, he gave up medicine and started consuming raw vegetables and fruits and succeeded in the fight against diabetes!

The following is how the tale will go. About four and a half years ago, a man went to a doctor because he was thirsty all the time. He is at very bit of a shock when his doctor told him that his sugars level has increased as much as 29. mmol/L which his pancreas was no longer operating. The physician also told him that he would not have the ability to live without blood insulin.


The guy accepted truth and started utilizing insulin frequently and was really physically active. However, as the time passed, more medical problems accumulated.

His triglyceride levels raised as much as 16 and his blood pressure level was increased as much as 150/100, leading to the usage of way to numerous medicines that started harmful his entire body more than assisting it.

Fed with all that’s happening about him, in 2013, on New Year’s Eve, he decided to look for option ways to deal with his illness. A single night, he switched on the TV and saw an episode from the show “The Side of Science” where the main visitor was Dr. John Zirdum. According to the show’s episode, Dr. Zirdum consumed only raw food items for 12 years.

The episode interested him a great deal he made a decision to try that new method on fighting his disease. So, he bought a blender and was ready to begin a new life.

His persistence and commitment allowed him to overcome them successfully, although the first week was very difficult due to all the temptations to try other foods. As a result, his blood sugar level reduced to 5. mmol/L! .

It was incredible. Because of his new blood sugar degree, he failed to need the usage of blood insulin anymore so long as he kept on together with his new diet. He still used normal check-ups and kept blood insulin as a backup plan just in case his blood sugar levels were going to increase once again. However, that never happened and he even lost a few pounds.

Together with his new diet, he started loosing nearly two lbs each day. This permitted him to lose 22 lbs in 25 times. The brand new diet plan transformed him right into a completely new man after just 4 months. By eating raw food, he was able to remove the insulin from his daily routine, set his blood pressure to 120/60, lower his triglycerides level to 1.4 and lose more than 40 pounds. And more importantly, he did not use any medicine whatsoever.

Long term usage of the diet allowed him to experiment with different recipes in order to make tasty raw food combinations. Here is the recipe for his favorite juice:


5 kiwis.

A handful of kale.

2 bananas.

2 apples.

Fifty percent a liter of water.

Place all ingredients inside a blend and blender them well. Pour one half a liter of water over the components. Shake properly.

Consume half a liter of the liquid each morning and eat the remainder of it throughout the day. Eat fruit regularly if you feel hungry. You can make fruit salads, and also add tuna to the mix because vitamin B12 is much needed for the body.

The beauty in all of this is that you will rarely feel hungry, because the brain doesn’t know if the stomach is empty or not. Instead, it receives information from your bloodstream, and the bloodstream consists of all the nutrients your body requirements.

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