Natural Home Remedy for Flatulence

Natural Home Remedy for Flatulence.


What to do to get relief?

Bloating are nothing but excessive accumulation of gas in the intestine, which are caused in most cases by incomplete digestion or nervous, excessive air swallowing. Finally, each of us knows the occasional bloating after eating blähender dishes such as cabbage, legumes, bananas, radishes.
but you can also occur due to serious medical conditions such as dyspepsia, gastritis, enteritis, chronic constipation.

Also many babies suffer in the first few months often from flatulence, which is referred to as 3-month colic. Here often puts a milk intolerance behind. Since the digestive system of a newborn baby must first develop a mother should always opt für’s breastfeeding and also deal very responsibly with their own diet.

Warning: If the bloating occur frequently, you should seek medical attention.

In acute flatulence help children and adults following home remedies:

1. Home Remedies

Kümmeltee flatulence

The following ingredients selling bloating:
15g crushed cumin, crushed fennel 15g, 15g of crushed anise
Bring 1/4 liter of water to boil, mix the fruits and blanch 2 tsp of the water. Let the tea 10 min. pull, strain and drink unsweetened.

Cumin is probably the oldest European salvation – and spice plant, which already
3rd millennium was used BC.

2. Home remedies

Chamomile or fennel tea

If children have bloating, a chamomile or fennel tea is recommended. Both herbs have a particularly soothing and antispasmodic.
For the tea you brew a heaping teaspoon chamomile or fennel with 1/4 liter of boiling water. Let only brew the tea shortly.
Additionally, you can rub the belly with caraway, anise, or St. John’s wort oil.

3. Home remedies

herbal blend

An herbal blend of anise, caraway and fennel applies in almost all countries as a classic domestic remedy for flatulence. Drink several times a day thereof a cup of tea.

4. home remedy

Basil tea

From Grandma’s Herbs Box: Need dried stalks of basil. Overbrewing 1 tsp herb with 1/4 liters of hot water, 10 min. infuse, filter and slowly drink a few cups a day. This cure for flatulence must after 8 days interrupted and may be continued after 14 days.

Since ancient times, basil has been appreciated for its invigorating and digestive properties.

5. Home remedies

Tarragon tea

Overbrewing you 4 fresh sprigs of tarragon with 1 liter of hot water. Drink several times a day of this tea.

6. home remedies

garlic milk

Garlic milk with honey than old home remedy a salutary effect in bloating.
Heat 1/4 liter of milk and add a clove of garlic, which was crushed with garlic press, added.Sweeten this medicinal drink with honey.

7. home remedies

sage oil

Sage is a bitter substance plant, thereby improving the digestive functions, but also alleviates the tannins irritation of the intestinal mucosa.

The sage oil is available in the pharmacy. Take daily with meals 3 drops sage oil to be. It is best to give the sage oil in tea or drop it on a lump of sugar.

8. home remedies.


Salt (preferably sea salt) often enter helps flatulence of infants (three-month colic). To do this, simply add some salt into your water bottle. When adults nutritionally suffer from bloating, it may be helpful, the meals to eat a pickled cucumber something more to add salt or easy.

9 home remedies.

swedish Bitters.

With Sweden herbs can treat bloating both internally and externally. Inwardly and outwardly to relaxant as fomentation or Salbe einreibung clockwise.
Swedish Bitters you get to buy in pharmacies, be able to produce even this well.

Health Tip:

Chew your food more thoroughly, you do not talk too much when eating. Very often experience bloating by nervous, excessive air swallowing. Better it is to take several small meals a day to be. Avoid especially warm and fat meal in the evening. Legumes lose their flatulent promotional character when they are inserted before cooking 12 hours water. Provide daily for adequate movement.

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